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Optimum Health Bundle


Save 10% on all three products by ordering the bundle.

Optimum Health Bundle includes three formulas that support the immune system and regulate blood sugar levels.

The Bundle includes: 

Magnesium Replenish is a highly absorbable form of magnesium chelated to two molecules of the amino acid glycine. This very stable form of magnesium should not cause gastrointestinal symptoms and is less likely to be stimulating, like the malate form for some. Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body and is found to be increasingly deficient in our diets. Adequate magnesium level is critical in achieving hormonal balance.

Made with non-GMO ingredients. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and colors.

D3 Maximus is a pleasant tasting liquid formula with three synergistic ingredients. The formula contains highly bioavailable vitamin D, which is accompanied by vitamins K1 and K2. Research has found a correlation between low levels of vitamin D and chronic conditions. A link has also been found between low levels of vitamin D and a higher risk of developing autoimmune thyroid diseases such as Hashimoto’s and Graves'. Vitamin K1 and K2 have been found to support bone health and increase bone density and decrease fracture rates.

Each dropper full contains 2000 IU of vitamin D, 250 mcg vitamin K1, and 25 mcg of vitamin K2.

Made with non-GMO ingredients. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and colors.

B Maximus is a complete B complex formulated with key B vitamins in their metabolically active form. The active form of this B vitamins allows the body to use them readily without having to convert them especially for those with MTHFR genetic defect. Additional ingredients, TMG and choline were also added to support methylation. B vitamins are key in detoxification and hormonal balance.

Best taken in the morning as B Maximus can be stimulating for some people.  

Made with non-GMO ingredients. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and colors.


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Heather O.
United States

All the essentials together

Through Magdalena's comprehensive classes, I realized most of the health issues I'm dealing with could be supported with these 3 supplements; and in fact had been prescribed all 3 from other suppliers. I trust her work in sourcing and formulating the magnesium and got rid of the inferior magnesium oxide and replaced it with a much better formulation. The Vitamin D tastes pleasant- a nice bonus. Placing the entire program on auto ship is an added benefit. Issues: bone support, thyroid, hormone balance, weight management.

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

We enjoy hearing your thoughts about it all Heather!

Kathleen N.
United States

Optimum Health

3 great products at a reasonable price. Love the high quality of all of them. Can take them with confidence knowing nothing artificial is added.

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

Excellent review Kathleen! Thank you

Jen D.
United States

D3 K

Good product with D3 and K which is needed to balance supplements. Not too bad tasting

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

Thank you Jen!

Rasha S.
United States

Easy to swallow

I just purchased the optimum health bundle, so it’s too early to see a difference. However, the supplements are easy to swallow and caused no adverse reactions.

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

Very good Rasha! Please keep us posted.

Danelle A.
United States

Energy, no more hair loss, weight loss and sleep -WHAT???

I don't ever take the time to submit reviews but I feel like this time its finally worth it. I am a single mom rocking the work flow and low key always thinking about my girls who are in college and one who is a new mom. I'm so excited to have an empty nest and finally make time for myself but where do I start? Making myself a priority is a huge struggle after all these years - its brutal really... and I have no energy and my emails are flooded daily with all this amazing information on getting healthy and i want it all so bad but frankly, it can be overwhelming and where do you start? So - I decided to just order the ultimate health bundle because lets face it -these are the things I know - you can always use more vitamin B and magnesium and I live in Upstate NY so of course I need Vitamin D - and I figured if anything that would at least work because its in liquid form and i'm sure my gut health is not on its A-game. I thought - A few vitamins every day? maybe i'd get some sort of energy and clarity and strive for more rather than just being consumed by thinking about getting healthy every day. GUESS WHAT?? it's only been two weeks BUT I feel really good. I have more energy, the gobs of hair that have been in the shower every day are gone, my nails are growing and healthy, mentally I feel clearer, my pants are fitting better and I can sleep for the first time in 10 years. I don't own a scale but I am pretty confident that i'm either finally breaking the cycle or at least not filled with inflammation. My food has always been on point for the most part - i'm continuing to eat healthy with no bread and little to no sugar. I have also started drinking Pique tea 2-3x's a day and I feel like that is amazing for energy and overall feeling good. All in all - I would highly recommend this if you are feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Take a chance and try this. What do you have to lose? Nothing really because if you are like me you know that what you are doing right now isn't working. it's not magic and won't make you a superhero but you will definitely feel like your superhero powers are being unearthed slowly - which is monumental for me. Now, i'll just have to start thinking about what next - do I order another ultimate bundle and see where it takes me in another month or should I get some different essential vitamins back in my system for more healing. To be continued..

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

Hi Danelle, What can we say? If there was a prize given for a review-you would be the winner! This is EPIC!!!! Thank you for sharing all of it :)