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DIM - 3 Bottles


DIM was formulated to support the beneficial metabolism of estrogen and its antagonistic metabolites with diindolylmethane (DIM). The DIM in this formula has improved absorption from an all-natural process and formulation using a blend of MCT oils, non-soy derived lecithin and vitamin E without the use of potentially harmful surfactants.

Made with non-GMO ingredients. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and colors.

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Jennifer B.
United States

Helped a lot!

DIM has helped with uterine fibroids along with Fibro Support. I experienced a lot of pain from fibroids prior to using both products, so much so I was ready to schedule a hysterectomy! The two products together saved me from major surgery, I can’t say “thank you” enough!

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

This is a BIG DEAL Jennifer! Best news!

Ashley C.
United States


I am on my second bottle and really enjoying the product. I have trouble staying asleep and have been sleeping much better and wake up rested! I am also taking it with the Calcium D Glucarate

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

So glad to hear that you are sleeping much better Ashley!

Mary j.
United States

So far I feel good

Been taking this for a few weeks now. As well as a few other supplements. I feel like I have better control over my weight. So far, i have better energy and sleep better too

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

Hi Mary, We are so pleased that you are seeing a positive improvement for your weight, energy and sleep concerns :)

Rasha S.
United States

WOrked on my back acne

Dim has helped clear my back from acne, and I used to get a pimple or two on my face before my menstrual cycle, and after Dim, I don’t anymore. I also think it has helped with other pms symptoms like headaches. I am reordering for sure.

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

We appreciate hearing how this has been beneficial for you Rasha!

Lana L.
United States

Sleeping better

Unfortunately, I cannot pinpoint if my results are due to just taking the DIM, because I am also taking the Hormone Foundation Kit as well as the Brocco Power. I started all of these supplements at the same time as DIM. But, what I can tell you is the results I am having. I started taking these supplements about 2 months ago. The first month I was apprehensive about my cycle. I have had really “messed up” periods for the past couple of years. One cycle will include lots of heavy bleeding, passing out, severe cramping and sleep was becoming a thing of my past. So, first cycle comes and I am pleasantly surprised. No drama. In fact, I would say it was very uneventful. Second cycle, very similar experience. And, the thing that I LOVE is the quality of my sleep now. I feel tired at night. I fall right to sleep. Stay asleep till morning and feel rested in the morning! This is worth everything to me! Also, I want to share that I recently went on a 5 day vacation and left the house without packing my supplements… I know, I was freaking out! I did fine until the last night and boy was I glad it was the last night. I was back to not being able to sleep. I got home and started my supplements and within one night I was sleeping like a baby again. And, I feel like my periods are normal again. I hope this helps someone who is living the nightmare of unbalanced hormones. I am pretty sure a lot of my symptoms were estrogen dominance related. So, I can assume the DIM is doing what it should to help regulate the hormones like they should be.

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

WOW Lana! This sounds very significant! We are so happy for your review and knowing that you have found some workable options for your health!