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Quick Magnesium

45 reviews

Quick Magnesium is a topical magnesium gel that is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and therefore by-passes digestion. For anyone with compromised gut health or difficulty taking high doses of magnesium orally, this lotion is the answer. Excellent to use in the area of pain and tired muscles. Ultra-pure and untouched by pollutants, this magnesium salt was protected at depths of 5,000-6,500 feet in the Zechstein seabed for the past 250 million years.

Regular dosage is: ¼ tsp, which is 150 mg per application. This would make for 144 quarter teaspoon applications per bottle. 

INGREDIENTS:  Water, magnesium chloride, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate.

Made with non-GMO ingredients. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and colors.

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Cheryl T.
United States United States
Helps muscle pain

I put this on any spot that hurts and it helps to relax it. Also use it at night to help me relax. Works well

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

It is great to learn how you use Quick Magnesium :)

Karen V.
United States United States
Quick Magnesium

I was having trouble sleeping so I tried Quick Magnesium. I put it on the soles of my feet and I believe it helped me. I also use Magnesium Replenish. Great products!

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

We are happy they are helpful for you :)

Yvonne S.
United States United States
magnesium gel as a hair and scalp treatment :-)

I am actually using Quick Magnesium as a hair product! I have extremely dry, thin, brittle hair that has become quite difficult to manage in the past few years, and I do not want to use any popular (and usually very toxic) styling gels. I heard somewhere that you can stimulate hair growth with a few drops of an essential oil added to a spoonful of magnesium gel rubbed into the scalp. What a great idea! Quick Magnesium makes my hair look and feel much thicker and stronger, in addition to helping it maintain its tendency to curl naturally (which it had nearly lost in recent years). No need for other styling products!

Charlene E.
United States United States
Have not used yet.

I haven’t used the magnesium yet. But I will soon and then write a review.

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

Thank you Charlene-please keep us posted at

Denise J.
United States United States
Helps with leg cramps and sleep

Seems to help with leg cramps at night, and i am also sleeping better.

Hormone Balance Nutritionals

Wonderful Denise!