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Magnesium Citrate


Magnesium Citrate Powder may support:

  • Regularity and bowel relaxation by drawing water into the intestine and softening the stool.
  • Energy levels and metabolism.
  • Cardiovascular and kidney health, by reducing the risk for calcium to build up in soft tissues.
  • Relaxation and restful sleep, by helping to calm the nervous system.

Benefits of Magnesium Citrate powder:
  • Convenience – mixes well in water or juice
  • No pills to swallow
  • Great tasting lemon flavor
  • No fructose, sucrose, or artificial sweeteners
Recommended use: 
As a dietary supplement, take 4 grams (approx. 1 teaspoon) per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner.


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        Ana A.
        United States United States

        Magnesium citrate

        Very happy with this product it has helped me with the constipation issue it also makes me more relaxed !

        Hormone Balance Nutritionals

        It is very good to hear about your experience :)

        Valerie C.
        United States United States

        Great Taste and Results

        I decided to try this after being on the Magnesium Replenish for the past several months. I was happy with Magnesium Replenish, by the way, but curious about the Magnesium Citrate. It has a yummy citrus flavor, which is refreshing and easy to drink. It doesn't dissolve completely, so I use a bit more water to swish around the cup in order to get the entire dose of the powder. As for how it works, I have no complaints. I take it before bed so as to help me sleep more soundly (which it does). Also, this form of magnesium is said to help with bowel regularity, and it does not disappoint! I will absolutely be taking this with me the next time I travel (especially internationally), as that always disrupts my regularity. Another great product from Magdalena.

        Hormone Balance Nutritionals

        We appreciate your feedback Valerie

        Adia G.
        United States

        Helps with digestion and sleep

        This supplement has helped me with my digestion and issue with constipation, has helped with sleep and balancing my hormones.

        Hormone Balance Nutritionals

        Very good to have your feedback Adia :)

        Heidi V.
        United States

        It works!

        I have struggled with constipation for several years. I have tried everything under the sun, even ultrasound, CT scan, colonoscopy and no one could find a problem. Have tried numerous other magnesiums that have worked for everyone else but me. Since starting Hormones Balance Magnesium Citrate, my digestion has been the best it has been in 7 years.

        Hormone Balance Nutritionals

        Thank you for your feedback Heidi :)